About Collins Brothers Chowder Company

"Homemade Soup so good you won't put your spoon down"

A neighborhood favorite for the last 15 years, Collins Brothers Chowder Company is Nashua's best kept secret. Great soup, however, is just the beginning.

As food professionals will tell you, success can remain just out of reach without the 'right' combination of menu service and staff. So when Dan Largy offered an ownership stake to existing cook Robert Hughes, this was a stroke of genius. To say that Collins Brothers Chowder Company hit the jackpot would be an understatement.

Originally supplying wholesale clients exclusively, September 2008 saw Collins Brothers Chowder change their business model to a customer centric, retail approach. Considering the personal connection people make with delicious, satisfying food and their friendships with people, this was a logical choice.

When customers are satisfied and happy, long term relationships grow. Collins Brothers Chowder Company is acutely aware of this natural synergy. As Dan Largy mentions, "We want every person who walks through our doors - who has selected our soup and our business - to be a customer for life. We want to earn each customer's business and send them out the door with a smile." This philosophy is the recipe for success as Dan and Robert lead Collins Brothers Chowder Company through the 21st century.

Collins Brothers Chowder serves fabulous gourmet soups to as many as 500 customers daily. This is a nearly unbelievable feat, which is achievable because Collins Brothers Chowder is a 100% take out business, not a full service restaurant. One successful strategy is to offer samples of their soups for tasting. Sampling is important, as there are typically 12-13 different gourmet soups on the menu, which changes weekly. Dan and Robert also cater to the area's working people, striving to serve each customer within 3 minutes. That goal is made more realistic by encouraging customers to call ahead with their orders. Dan Largy cares about his customers as much as his soup, stating, "Fresh ingredients equal great tasting soups, It's that simple."

Collins Brothers Chowder is now offering homemade, cold, ready-to-eat meals that require only warming. Selections include Meat and Cheese Lasagna, Macaroni and Cheese Dinners, Meat Loaf Dinners, Yankee Pot Roast Dinners, and Ham Dinners.

Come on down and visit us at Collins Brothers Chowder!